Welcome to the frozen tundra! Boy is it cold here and we sure don't want it any colder!
So, help the penguin remove all the colored bubbles, before they become frozen. You will be shooting colored bubbles. In order to remove bubbles you must shoot to connect 3 bubbles of the same color.

All the bubbles will become frozen (you lose) IF a bubble crosses the beginning starting line (blue).

Burley's bubble game can take a minute or two to load. Once it is loaded, you can play over and over again(fast!!). Once you see the words FROZEN BUBBLES with the "press fire to start" blinking, you can begin the game.

First, click on the frozen bubble screen, then press Shift, or the up arrow key to begin playing.

Use left/right keys to turn, shift or up keys to fire
Use 'M' to switch between normal and colorblind modes

Use 'S' to enable/disable sound


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This is a java game. You must have java enabled on your browser to play.
Burley's frozen bubbles may not work on some older browsers.
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~ Have Fun!