Swami Burley's Cow Mind Reading Experiment

Did you know that cows are psychic? Swami Burley knows ALL.... and is an extremely talented psychic. Swami Burley can even read your mind! This is called telepathy.

What, you don't believe Swami Burley is so talented a cow?
Typical human, so distrusting... Well, let Swami prove it to you, right now. Just follow the instructions, below, and Swami Burley will read your mind!
  1. Choose any random two digit number (such as 28, 14, 99, etc...).
  2. Add the two numbers (28=2+8=10).
  3. Subtract your answer from the original number (28-10=18).
  4. Now, write down the final number, or remember the final number (18).
  5. Continue

Original game by Markus Eichenberger, adapted by Erin Gjertsen.
You can visit Markus at http://mypage.bluewin.ch/katzenseite/index_en.html