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Burley's Alien Cow Pie Game

Aliens are taking away Burley's Friends! Burley's Alien Cow Pie Game

It's really spooky... Some of Burley Cow's friends have disappeared! There is talk that it is an alien invasion coming to take cows back to their own planet! Can you help Burley to stop the alien invasion?

Space ships will float down from various distances to Burley.
The object is to hit as many space-ships, as possible, with a cow pie.

To Play:
Press the 'Go!' button to begin.
A space-ship will come down from the sky and you have to guess when it is the right time to shoot them with a cow pie.
When it feels right, click on Burley Cow to send a cow pie in the direction of the space-ship.
You have 10 rounds for each game. You may only shoot one cow pie in each round.
You get 10 points for every hit.
If you get 70 or over, you have stopped the alien invasion!
A perfect score is 100.
Now, click on 'Go!' to begin. Have FUN!

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