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Free Cow Toy Fun Online!

Burley loves to play games, when he is not off cruising around in his hot zeplin.

Here are just a couple of Burleys favorite games:


Burley Cow's Flying Pig Game

Burley Cow's Flying Pig Game

Burley is teaching Piggy how to fly. He has 10 attempts to get the highest score possible. Can he do it?


Swami Burley Knows ALLLLLLLL...Swami Burley's Cow Mindreading ExperimentSwami Burley's Cow Mindreading Experiment

Did you know that cows are psychic??

Swami Burley is! Swami Burlely knows all.... Let Burley show you his stuff!

This is Swami Burley's Cow Mindreading Experiment. Click Here, to see if Burley can read your mind!


Burley's Alien Invasion Cow Pie Game

Burley's Alien Invasion Cow Pie Game

It's really spooky... Some of Burley Cow's friends have disappeared! There is talk that it is an alien invasion coming to take cows back to their own planet! Can you help Burley to stop the alien invasion?


Burley's Frozen Bubble GameBurley's Frozen Bubble Game

Welcome to the frozen tundra! It's very cold and Penguins reign here.
Can you help Burley's friend the penguin remove all the colored bubbles before they become frozen?


Burley's Zeplin Game

Burley's Zeplin Game

Can you help Burley to navigate his zeplin through the obstacle course? If you pass 50 obstacles, you WIN!


Mouse Trap Game

Mouse Trap Game

Catch The Mice Before They Get The Cheese - The mice are running amok and are eating all the cheese! Can you catch all the mice before they get to all the cheese?


Mechanical Dog Puzzle Game

Burley's Mechanical Dog

Burley needs a good dog to guard the hen house. He ordered a moo cool mechanical dog from Acme products, but has lost the instructions. All he has is a pile of parts and a drawing. Can you help Burley to put the mechanical dog together?


Burley Cow's Sliding Puzzle Game

Burley Cow's Sliding Puzzle Game

You remember these sliding puzzles, from when you were a kid, don't you? They were about 4 inches square and you moved the squares around until you got all the pieces in order. Well, that's the way it works, here, too!


Share Your Favorites!

Do you have a favorite game that you think Burley might like? You can tell Burley about it, by clicking on contact us, at the bottom of the page. Be sure to mention this information is just for Burley. Tell Burley, the name of the game and the URL (internet address) where he can see the game. If Burley chooses your game, it will show up here and Burley may even send you a surprise!




Fun Cow Facts
Did You Know?

Cows are NOT colorblind to red. Cows can distinguish yellow, orange, and red, much better than blue, grey, and green.
Calves are able to see the difference between red and (blue or green), but have limited ability to discriminate between blue and green.
In Spain, where bullfighting is a sport, the matadore waves a red cape and the bull charges. It is the motion, the waving of the cape that makes the bull charge, not the color. Some say the cape is red because it makes it easier for specators to see the bullfighter from the stands.
In studies testing colored light, the cows aproached the handler more quickly in red light.

Credits to: reference.com, wikipedia.org, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, dairymoos.com, globaldairyplatform.com, fortune.com, farmsforcitykids.org, drovers.com, blog.machinefinder.com, thememorybank.co.uk, and milkproduction.com, for most of the fun cow facts.

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