Burley's Zeplin...Wonder what would happen if your clicked on it?
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Burley Cow's Flying Pig Game

Piggy in his Acme aviator outfit-Burley Cow's Flying Pig Game

Burley just got his 'Acme Pig Launcher' set up and is going to teach Piggy how to 'fly', today. Piggy is ready, dressed in his 'Acme Aviator Outfit' and a fine set of wings.

Piggy, will sit on the launcher and Burley will shoot him at the bullseye. Can he make a perfect score? Perhaps, you can help him!

To Play:
Click and hold your mouse down on the front wheel of the catapult. When it feels right (not too long, now), release the mouse and watch Piggy fly! Timing is everything. The location where Piggy's back feet touch the target is where the scoring is done.

You have 10 attempts to get the best score possible. 500 is a perfect score. Anything over 300 is very good. Less than 300 and maybe you need to eat more spinach or something.

You can start over, at any time, by clicking on the 'Restart The Game' button, below the game.
~Most of all, HAVE FUN!

This game is fixed at 800px in width and is best enjoyed on a laptop or desktop. Your screen may not be wide enough to fully enjoy the game.

Total score:0
Attempts left:10

Burley Cow's Flying Pig Game ©Erin Gjertsen adapted from a script by Mediafarm of Norway.