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Get The Eggs Game

Wally Wolf Get The Eggs Game

Wally is at the hen house, but he is not stealing eggs. He is collecting them for Farmer John.

Wally must get 100 eggs without breaking 3. Maybe, you would like to help Wally get the eggs?

To Play:
When you are ready, click the 'Click To Play' button, below the game. After about 3-5 seconds you will notice an egg rolling down the ramp from one of the hens. Using your arrow keys, you must put your basket just underneath the correct ramp.

If the ramp is high, you must use the up-arrow key to raise the basket. If the ramp is low, you use the down-arrow key to lower it. If the ramp is on the right, you use the right-arrow key to turn right. If the ramp is on the left, use the left-arrow key to turn left.

If you miss an egg, a black chicken will show on the scren behind Wally. You have 3 chances to miss. If you miss a fourth egg, the game is over.

Each egg is worth 2 points. If you can collect 100 eggs without breaking 3, you win the game!

You can start over, at any time, by clicking 'R' on your keyboard, then the 'Click To Play' button, to begin again.
~Most of all, HAVE FUN!

This game is fixed at 650px in width and is best enjoyed on a laptop or desktop. Your screen may not be wide enough to fully enjoy the game.

Get The Eggs Game was developed by Yurii Shtanhei.