Burley's Zeplin...Wonder what would happen if your clicked on it?
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Burley's Zeplin Game

Burley's Zeplin Game-Pass 50 obstacles to win!

Can you help Burley to navigate his zeplin through the obstacle course?

Press 'Start' to begin the game.

Press 'Restart' to begin a new game.

Press the accelerate button to move his zeplin up, but be careful not to go too far up. He might get lost in space!

If you hit an obstacle, the game is over... If you pass 50 obstacles, you win the game!
~Have FUN!


Game Over

You Need Some More Practice...

Click On Restart To Play Again!

You Did It!

You Passed 50 Obstacles
And Won The Game!
Great Job!

Click On Restart To Play Again!


Burley's Zeplin Game ©Erin Gjertsen 2019, adapted from a script at w3schools.com